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Faculty & Staff Directory


Name Contact Position
Mr. J. Copsey Principal

Administrative Team

Name Contact/Website Position
Ms. K. Bridges Assistant Principal - 9th Grade
Mr. K. McClure-Hewitt Assistant Principal - PST, Attendance, Buses
Ms. S. Morris Assistant Principal - 10th Grade/Title IX
Ms. K. Kiehlmeier Assistant Principal -  11th Grade,
Mr. E. Readyhough

Assistant Principal - 12th Grade

Mr. R. Henderson Athletics / Activities Director

Health Office

Name Contact/Website Position
Ms. R. Cromwell  Nurse
Ms. D. Collins  Nurse


Name Contact/Website Position
Ms. P. Abell Registrar
Ms. J. Hensel Counselor, Students A-Da
Mr. R. Wolcott Counselor, Students De-Ha/GIS
Ms. L. Neitz Counselor, Students He-Mc
Ms. L. Guidry Counselor, Students Me-Se
Mr. W. Sawyer Counselor, Students Sh-Z
Ms. S. Katz

Guidance Secretary
Ms. A. Fox School Psychologist
Ms. M. Seigman Pupil Personnel Worker (PPW)
Ms. M. VanDenBos Social Worker
Ms. J. Wilson Career Center  
Ms. R. Russell SOMD College Access Program

Career and Technology Education

Name Contact/Website Position
Mr. J. Cunningham ISI Coordinator, EVLO Coordinator
Ms. M. Finn Career/Technology Education, 
Department Chair
Mr. J. Garrison Career/Technology Education
Ms. C. Grebos Career/Technology Education
Ms. A. Kasupski Career/Technology Education, Edgenuity
Mr. L. Kokolios  Career/Technology Education
Ms. J. Villarreal Career/Technology Education
Ms. A. Wright Career/Technology Education

English Department

Name Contact/Website Position
Mr. A. David English Department
Ms. C. Domitrovitz English Department
Ms. V. Gretton English Department, Department Co-Chair
Ms. J. Heisler English Department
Ms. S. Feldhausen

English Department
Ms. A. John English Department/Literacy Coach
Ms. K. O'Toole English Department
Ms. H. Page English Department
Mr. E. Pike English Department
Mr. C. Schoenbauer English Department
Mr. J. Smith English Department
Ms. S. Stephenson English Department, Department Co-Chair
Ms. C. Woolford English Department

Fine Arts Department

Name Contact/Website Position
Mr. G. Barbato Theater Arts
Ms. L Huff Visual Arts
Ms. K. Johnson Visual Arts
Mr. H. Martin Band
Ms. S. Jacobs Visual Arts
Mr. J. Oplinger Orchestra/Theory
Ms. D. Osburn Visual Arts, Department Chair
Ms. K. Teston Chorus

Freshmen Academy

Name Contact/Website Position
Ms. I. Boxwell Special Education
Ms. A. Dyson Science
Ms. M. Dunn Math
Ms. K. Marco Freshman Academy para-educator
Ms. C. Massong Social Studies
Mr. S. Rigney Freshman Seminar
Ms. C. Sutton English
Ms. M. Webb Freshman Academy IRT

Mathematics Department

Name Contact/Website Position
Mr. N. Brenfleck Mathematics Department
Mr. G. Coombs Mathematics Department
Ms. J. Honis Mathematics Department
Mr. R. Kaslavage Mathematics Department
Ms. K. Reynolds Mathematics Department
Ms. K. Smith Mathematics Department / Math Coach
Ms. T. Smith Mathematics Department, Department Chair
Mr. S. Snyder Mathematics Department
Ms. J. Thompson  

Mathematics Department

Ms. L. Tiderman Mathematics Department
Ms. J. Walsh Mathematics Department
Ms. R. Weller Mathematics Department
Ms. A. Wincelowicz Mathematics Department

Media Specialists

Name Contact/Website Position
Ms. B. Hager Media Specialist
Mr. S. Roberson Media Assistant
Mr. D. Watson IT Specialist

Physical Education Department

Name Contact/Website Position
Mr. J. Barber Physical Education
Mr. S. Correll Physical Education, Department Chair
Ms. J. Costello Physical Education
Ms. L. Healy Physical Education
Ms. J. Henderson Physical Education
Mr. F. Lanham Physical Education
Mr. W. Raley Physical Education
Ms. D. Shaw Physical Education

Science Department

Name Contact/Website Position
Ms. M. Angel Science Department
Mr. P. Dudley Science Department
Ms. E. Dyson Science Department
Mr. Z. Fulp Science Department
Ms. L. Massie Science Department
Mr. K. McCarthy Science Department
Ms. N. Peters Science Department  
Dr. R. Solomon

Science Department
Ms. A. Stuart Science Department
Ms. E. Sunderland Science Department, Department Chair
Ms. C. Watson Science Department
Ms. J. Wiltshire Science Department

Social Studies Department

Name Contact/Website Position
Mr. K. Basso Social Studies Department
Mr. F. Bloch Social Studies Department
Mr. J. Bressler Social Studies Department
Mr. B. Byrnes | AP World History: Modern | Modern World History

Social Studies Department, Department Co-Chair
Mr. D. Cummins Social Studies Department
Mr. B. Goldsmith Social Studies Department
Ms. T. Harding Social Studies Department, Department Co-Chair
Mr. J. Johnson Social Studies Department
Ms. M. Lellis Social Studies Department
Mr. L. Sappe Social Studies Department
Ms. N. Walker Social Studies Department
Mr. J. Webb Social Studies Department

Special Education Department

 Name Contact/Website Position
Ms. F. Anitapriya Special Education Department
Ms. K. Burton Special Education Department
Ms. J. Conner Special Education Department
Ms. J. Cucinotta LAP Counselor
Ms. A. Dudley Special Education Department  
Ms. M. Kiernan Special Education Department, Department Chair
Ms. G. Lee Special Education Department
Ms. D. McKissick LAP Counselor
Mr. J. Mickely Special Education Department
Ms. S. Moriarty Special Education Department
Ms. L. Nardo  Special Education Department  
Mr. T. Payton Special Education Department
Ms. M. Seanor Special Education Department
Ms. C. Sullivan Special Education Department
Ms. J. Brooks Special Education para-educator
Ms. T. Edelen Special Education para-educator
Ms. V. Hatton Special Education para-educator
Ms. C. Leon Special Education para-educator
Ms. C. Ramirez Special Education para-educator  
Ms. C. Thompson Special Education para-educator
Ms. M. Tiller Special Education para-educator
Ms. C. Tizol Special Education para-educator
Ms. A. Whitney Special Education para-educator
Ms. D. Willemin Special Education para-educator
Ms. H. Fox Sign Language Interpreter
Ms. E. Gaumer Speech Pathologist
Ms. M. Otto Special Education IEP Chairperson

World Languages Department

Name Contact/Website Position
Ms. S. Chen Chinese
Ms. B. Fallon Spanish
Dr. M. Flores ESOL
Ms. N. Fedeli German
Ms. M. Hayes Latin, Department Chair
Ms. A. Kasupski German
Ms. M. Salazar Spanish
Ms. K. Kuntz Spanish
Ms. G. Ortiz Spanish
Ms. V. Tsekouras French

LHS Support Staff

Name Contact/Website Position
Ms. B. Revis Main Office Secretary
Ms. E. Dornisch Attendance Secretary
Ms. B. Carter Secretary to the Principal
Ms. K. Mushrush School Bank & School Dude
Mr. B. Myers 11th/12th Grade Secretary, Substitute Coordinator
Ms. M. Stofferahn 9th/10th Grade Secretary, Special Education Secretary

Building Support

Name Contact/Website Position
Mr. L. Mills Building Service Manager
Mr. George Bryant Building Service Assistant Manager
Ms. T. Gibson Food Service Manager
Ms. Velma Combs Food Service Assistant Manager

Safety Assistants

Name Contact/Website Position
Mr. M. Levy Lead Safety Assistant
Corporal J. Davis School Resource Officer (SRO)